Part Two - Dalish in Distress

Map of Fuldor Farm

Exploring the Farm, you discover the mangled, twisted bodies of Edred Fuldor and his wife Miren, their four children, Hann, Brella, Borren, and Quint. You also find Hann’s wife Faleen, and their newborn son (named Edred for his grandfather)

The farmhands Keltin and Drul are also found dead, along with the other Fuldor men in the fields. The bodies of the women and children are in the farmhouse.

Closer examination shows bite and claw marks, but not consistent with the wolves.

The Farmhouse doors are broken in, shattered by something hard and heavy
Inside the farmhouse, the floor is sticky with blood.

On the wall, written in blood, is a single word in elvish script “Mythal”

TN11 Cunning Cultural Lore: Mythal is the name of the elvish god of vengeance.

When the PCs are searching the barn and outbuildings, they find the livestock still alive, including the Fuldor’s aging workhorse and a couple of cows.

They hear a low moan coming from the barn.

In the barn

  • Hidden under the hay in the loft is a young elf woman Eshara.
  • She is badly hurt.
    • There is an inflamed wound in her side, her clothes are torn and covered in blood, dirt, and stray bits of hay and straw.
  • She has been hiding
    • She is exhausted and feverish and not thinking clearly
    • When the group approaches, she tries to escape, but only crawls before passing out

Making her all better

  • TN 11 Cunning (Healing) on Eshara: she will be stabilized and sleep * Heal Spell: She will relax, but remain unconscious.
  • If no one can help, it would be best to get her out of the slaughterhouse to a place of safety.

Examining Eshara

  • Her wound: a set of closely spaced gashes along her side, made by some sort of claw
    • It looks like the same wounds that were seen on the farmer’s family
  • Her Clothing/Tattoos reveals she is a Dalish elf
  • She carries a small leather pouch
    • Inside is a heavy chain link, silver, about the size of a man’s hand
    • It is broken and twisted by some great force

Mob Justice

Part Two - Dalish in Distress

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