Mob Justice

3. Mob Justice
h2. Roleplaying Encounter

Map of Vintiver Village

Getting back to Vintiver

  • The group may return to Vintiver with the elven woman
  • If the group hangs out at the farm too long, a search party from the town will arrive and find them, bloody, amidst the corpses
  • If the group left the farm before finding Eshara, the search party will find her and bring her back to the village

Rumors fly

  • The story of the elf woman found alive at the site of the slaughter spreads throughout the village
  • The story grows in the telling, “What was a Dalish woman doing at the Fuldor Farm? Why did she survive the attack when none of the humans did?”
  • Accusations:
    • The elf woman is a witch or sorceress!
    • She’s part of a Dalish Plot!
    • She came to the farm to lure the menfolk out into the open
    • She lead the attack! One of the farmers injured her!
  • Most villagers want her interrogated when she awakens
  • Some in the village want her thrown out, or even executed
    • protect the village, purge any “unclean” element she may have brought in

The Angry Mob

  • Within hours, an angry mob led by Blacksmith Coalan
    • The mob demands the elf girl be handed over to them
    • “She must answer for the crimes of the treacherous elves and face justice”
    • The mob is frenzied, and it is clear that they will torture and execute her
      • they carry not just farming tools, but also whips and chains, crudely fashioned gauntlets…

Where is Tarl Dale?

  • He is patrolling the outer farms

Can we fight them?
There are 30 of them, armed with farming tools, plus Coalan.
It’s a fairly hopeless fight

The PCs must negotiate with Coalan and the villagers.
Advanced Test:
TN 13 Communication test, success threshold of 10
Mob says something
PC responds, rolls 3d6. Success, add Dragon Die to running tally
Mob says something
PC responds…
As threshold approaches, Mob gets less confident

  • Once the threshold reached, the mob disperses reluctantly
  • Coalan is the last to leave, pleading with the mob to stay
  • He glares at the party, and stomps off

Tarl Dale Returns

  • He asks about what happened in the village
  • If he is dealt with forthrightly, he will be a powerful ally
  • If he is insulted or lied to, he will be difficult to deal with

Eshara’s Tale

Mob Justice

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