Dalish Curse Part One

The Fuldor Farm

Combat Encounter

  • Fuldor Farm is East of Vintiver
  • Rolling Hills near Brecilian Forest
  • Buildings
    • Main Farmhouse
    • Nearby Barn
    • Few small outbuildings and sheds
  • Surrounded by Fields (covered by “the stubble of the recent harvest”)
  • Granary and Hayloft are full (Fuldors are – were – prosperous)
  • At the edge of the Field
    • The Body of Keltin, a farm hand, bloody, lying face down
    • Above the field, a large flock of black winged Carrion Crows
  • Blight Wolves
    • Circling the Farmhouse when the characters arrive (planning to eat the dead inside)
    • Will move to surround and attack
    • There is one more blight wolf than the number of player characters
    • When half of the wolves have been killed, the remainder will attempt to flee
  • Roll Dexterity (Stealth) for the wolves
    • 3d6 + 2 (dexterity) + 2 (stealth focus)
  • Roll Perception (Hearing or Seeing) for the each of the characters
    • 3d6 + perception + (2 if they have hearing/seeing focus)

Make a note of which characters pass, and which fail (surprised).

  • Roll for initiative for characters, wolves
    • Surprised characters lose their turn during the first round of the fight

Use Combat Cards in initiative order

Characters can make 1 Major Action and 1 Minor Action or 2 Minor Actions

Attacking and Killing, Range, Magic

Once Combat is resolved, go to Part Two – Dalish in Distress

Dalish Curse Part One

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