The Dalish Curse

First Two Encounters

A Bloody Welcome to the Dragon Age

We met our characters, Tranter the Thief (Rogue), and Avery, the Apostate Mage. Tranter is a layabout, no account little punk who is either sharpening his dagger or trying to pick the pockets of Vintiver’s hardworking farmers. Avery is a dreamer, wandering around the woods and fields, avoided by the townsfolk for her reputation for accidentally setting things on fire. The Harvest Festival came and went. Apparently, there had been some trouble with the Dalish elves and some of the village people, led by Coalan the Blacksmith. Tarl Dale broke up the fight before it got bad, and the elves left in a huff.

A few weeks later, Tarl Dale approached Tranter and Avery. He was busy taking care of a dispute between Master Coalan and one of his dissatisfied customers, but what concerned him was that the Fuldor boys hadn’t been to town in a few days. The Fuldors were grape farmers, and the Winery was expecting their – usually right on time – delivery. Tarl Dale asked Tranter and Avery (as two of the people in the town without anything better to do) to go visit the Fuldor Farm and make sure everything was OK. Tranter and Avery regarded each other askance, but agreed when Tarl begrudgingly offered them 10sp each for this trip.

On arriving at the farm, Tranter and Avery immediately noticed that things were strangely quiet. They came upon the mutilated body of one of the farmhands, and noticed crows swirling overhead. Avery’s keen eyes spotted some strange wolf-like creatures near the farm.

The Blight Wolves charged our heroes, but to no avail. Tranter rolled doubles, and used her stunt points to cause her arrow to ricochet off of one wolf and tear into the other, nearly halving their hitpoints. Avery fired an Arcane Lance which went wide (she hadn’t ever done it before :-) Tranter’s next shot nearly killed one of the wolves, who were now in range of Avery’s Flame Blast. Avery rolled doubles, and chose to cast Flame Blast a second time in the same turn, incinerating the wolves in a maelstrom of fire.

The last remaining wolf paused, it’s tail smouldering, and after glancing at it’s roasted companions, turned and fled.

On further examination, the adventurers found the slaughtered remains of the Fuldor Family, the elvish word “Mythal” scrawled in blood across the wall of the farmhouse, and a badly injured elven woman buried in straw in the barn. Avery cast “Heal”, hoping to interrogate the elf, but she merely appeared more comfortable and remained asleep.

The party decided to return to town with the girl, and brought her to the Arbor Inn. They returned downstairs to recoup at the bar, but were taken aback by the townspeople’s reaction. The townspeople blamed the elves for the misfortune at the Fuldor Farm, and had taken to accusing the girl in particular. With a few well placed remarks, the townspeople in the bar quieted down and eventually left, leaving the players alone inside.

After a few hours of rest in the bar, Avery and Tranter are disturbed to hear the building sound of angry people outside the inn…



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